Hello. So this is my first time blogging and to be brutally honest, I’m just feeling a whole bunch of butterflies in my stomach. I still remember the feeling I got when I had the idea of starting a blog or some sort of social media account like maybe using Instagram or even WordPress.

Well, by now you would have known what I chose to use or even if I carried out my crazy idea. Maybe this will flop and end up with no one liking the blog, but it also could end up being a huge or minor success. Like they say, “You won’t know if you never even try.” So hopefully, I gave it a shot.

Today, what you’ll be reading wouldn’t be much. As I said, this is my first blog hence this will probably just be an introduction as to why I chose to set up a blog and what exactly I am hoping to achieve.

As much as I hope to have an amazing inspiration for this idea, I sadly cannot as these thoughts just came to me like a lightbulb that just flicked on 💡 .

Regarding my purpose of this blog, I just feel that maybe this will be a good experience for me as well as it’s something I would like to try for a while. Please please please, I am not doing this for the sake of earning money or getting anything in return but solely for my curiosity as well as my want to try something new.

Above is what I typed out before even setting up this WordPress blog. I have never done this and I’m doing this as an interest, just going with my gut feel. Now to my actual first blog introduction, I am tomboy. A weird mix of tomboy and kind of girly at the same time. I wear dresses from time to time, enjoy styling my hair to a certain extent but i would not go as far as to wear makeup or dress to the nines. Pardon my english as I share my views and thoughts, english IS my first language but I’m not exactly familiar with good grammar. I definitely do try to minimise any grammatical errors, but I cannot guarantee all my blogging would be mistake-free. If they were, I would not be me. 😝


anon 💛


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